28th July - 8th August 2018
Alsace, Free University of Samadeva
Becoming well-being Coach
Well-being and health methods to easily apply in your life or your profession
Well-being everyday
Experts from the Free University of Samadeva have put together the most accessible and effective methods in fields as different as: health, relationships, energetic, and personal systemic and spiritual development.

Health and well-being methods of Samadeva improve life's quality, free from stress, stimulate energy and help channel it. You will contact a positive state of spirit, and a clearer vision of the priorities of your life.
Taking care of yourself Taking of others
The well-being coach is a person who has learnt to be in good health, happy in his life, in harmony with his entourage and the world, every day. He shares his knowledge and his practices with those who need them. Only the one who has reached balance and has contacted joy and serenity in his life is able to help others do the same.
12 days • 84 hours • 1518€
Achieve more than half of your training with this intensive session. Throughout the training you are accompanied by a pedagogical team composed of Samadeva's' experts.

2 sessions in Alsace to complete your training:
from 25th to 28th October 2018
and from 21st to 24th February 2019
The new spiritual psychology - 30 hours
The new spiritual psychology of Selim Aïssel is an open teaching, free from all beliefs or ideologies. It gives the keys of happiness and spiritual realisation in everyday life.
Yoga of Samara - 10 hours
The yoga of Samara is a body-mind method adapted to all, composed of slow and dynamic movements, of relaxations and mindfulness exercises. The yoga of Samara is based on attention to gesture, and fluidity of the movements. Practiced in music, alone or in a group it brings physical well-being and silent in the mind from the first session.
Psycho-energetic - 5 hours
The energetic system of human is an interface between the body and the mind. Samadeva energetic protocols release pain, phobia, past trauma and negative emotions.
Psychology of the Enneagram - 5 hours
The Enneagram is a tool of self-knowledge and knowledge of others through nine types of personalities, which have been built around childhood experiences. Discovering our enneatype is the starting point for developing our qualities and overcoming our limitations.
Family and Systemic Constellations - 5 hours
These therapeutic methods help resolve in depth a lot of personal problems.
Family and systemic constellations techniques balance the relationship of a person with the systems to which she belongs, as her family, her company, and many more. This harmonisation has liberating effects, as recovering health, success, and a natural joy of life.
The training is built on an alternating theoretical courses, body-mind practices, sharing time, and experimentations in subgroup formula.
Experimentations in subgroup are an excellent mean to assimilate methods and to fine-tune our practice from the very start of the apprenticeship.
In order to integrate the frame of spirit of the methods, as well as a greater inner stability, body-mind time slots rhythm the training.
At the Free University of Samadeva
The Free University of Samadeva is the principal training centre where well-being, health, self-development, and spiritual realisation of the Samadeva methods are transmitted.

Its headquarter sits in the eco-hotel and organic cuisine restaurant l'Ermitage, in the heart of the Alsatian forest, in the village of the Hohwald. A unique place, conducive to rejuvenation and fulfillment.
3 reasons to do the well-being Coach training
A simple apprenticeship effective results
The teaching of Samadeva is structured in a way that it is easily integrated by all. You will rapidly assimilate protocols and the frame of mind of the methods to deliver your practice more efficiently.
Sooth any difficulty
Samadeva methods act in different fields of life and resolve relationships, professional, stress, lack of energy, depression, insomnia, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and physical pains problems. Take action at the right place for the best possible result, in a global vision of individual.
An innovative approach
The well-being coach not only possesses an excellent level of knowledge and expertise, but he also develops a know-how-to-be based on human and spiritual qualities.
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Becoming well-being Coach
28th July - 8th August 2018
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