7th-8th July 2018
Soul Yoga of Samara
Develop a more subtle perception of the world and worlds
A yoga which comes from the depths of time
Considered as a spiritual practice of the soul, the Soul Yoga of Samara has existed since prehistoric times, even before the birth of religions and great civilisations of Antiquity. This practice was for some men, on one hand, a way to connect deeper to the forces of nature, and on the other hand, to the ones of the world of souls and spirits.
Most of the meditative postures of Soul Yoga of Samara are between 30 thousand et 200 thousand years oldConsiderada como uma prática espiritual da alma, Soul Yoga de Samara existe desde a época pré-histórica, mesmo antes do nascimento das religiões e das grandes civilizações da antiguidade. Esta prática foi para alguns seres humanos, por um lado, um meio de religar-se mais profundamente às forças da natureza e, por outro lado, ao mundo das almas e dos espíritos.
A maioria das posturas meditativas do Soul Yoga de Samara tem entre 30 mil e 200 mil anos de idade.
A path of healing and evolution
Formerly, we were considering that the Soul Yoga of Samara was leading from ignorance to knowledge, from imbalance to balance, from lack of confidence to self-confidence, from lack of energy to force, from anxiety to serenity, from limitating beliefs to wider vision, from the tendency to sclerosis to free movement, from conflict and hatred to compassion and love, and from jealousy to confidence. Today, thanks to Idris Lahore, meditative postures of Soul Yoga of Samara are accessible to all.
A meditation
These immobile postures combined with specific music are like keys enabling our inner wisdom to reach more subtle perceptions and to enter in contact with other realities. You will access perceptions of physical nature (sensations, odours…), of emotional nature, or more, thoughts and images. You will be able to find better solutions to your difficulties and new answers to your questions.
As an initiatory journey
Learn to perceive other realities thanks to this introductory workshop given by the masters of Samadeva
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Psychologie de l'Ennéagramme
12-15 juillet 2018
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