28th July - 8th August 2018
Yoga of Samara
12 days at the Free University of Samadeva
in the heart of Alsatian forest
A yoga accessible to all
The yoga of Samara is a body-mind method adapted to all, composed of slow and dynamic movements, of relaxations and mindfulness exercises.

The yoga of Samara is based on the better perception of our body and on the awareness of our gestures, movements, and postures leading to a better physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual balance.
100€/per day organic lunch included
Yoga of Samara, Thematic conferences, practical exercises, sharing in subgroup, organic cuisine: all the ingredients to make the most of your stay in fulfillment and rejuvenation
All the strength of the Yoga of Samara is proven in group practice: Arkanas and meditative walking leads to awareness of self and others.
To encourage everyone's organic learning, physical capacities as well as one's own rhythm, the instructor doesn't correct postures, he is an example.
Beyond practice, teachers are transmitting the essence of the method during conferences and questions/answers sessions.
The yoga of happiness
The yoga of Samara develops concentration and reduces stress. It improves the functioning of organs and revives the circulation of the energy in the body to recover a good health.
Harmony of body and mind
Beyond the perception that we have of them, our movements and our gestures are the expression of our emotions and our fundamental urges; in contrast, some movements have an influence on our moods. The practice of these movements refine and transform the content of our unconscious, always towards a harmonisation, and a rebalancing.
Respect of physical capacities
The Yoga of Samara has the particularity to include all levels: whatever state of health of flexibility, everyone goes at his own rhythm, according to his morphology and his capacities, concentrating on what he is experiencing, without comparison, judgment, and forcing. Everyone benefits from the harmonising effects of the method.
The benefits of attentiveness
Besides relaxation and quieting of the mind, attentiveness given to gestures generates physiological processes of rejuvenation and stress reduction. The consciousness expands, increasing the ability to concentrate. Well-being settles with a new force to act in life.
Recontacting the essential within the self
Through the movement, it is possible to look for what is deepest within ourselves. For some, it will be seeking health, for others seeking balance, calmness, harmonious relationship with others, peace, always seeking what is most essential within ourselves. The Yoga of Samara enables to progressively realise this aspiration.
The Teachers
At the Free University
of Samadeva
The Free University of Samadeva is the principal training centre where well-being, health, self-development, and spiritual realisation of the Samadeva methods are transmitted.

Its headquarter sits in the eco-hotel and organic cuisine restaurant l'Ermitage, in the heart of the Alsatian forest, in the village of the Hohwald. A unique place, conducive to rejuvenation and fulfillment.
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Yoga of Samara
28th July - 8th August 2018
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