26th-27th July 2018
Lou Yong Tao Tö Qi
Balancing energies in self
Developing serenity and harmony
Lou Yong Tao Tö Qi is a type of Sino-Tibetan Qi gong of health and well-being whose goal is to help energy in the body to harmoniously circulate in order to restore physical and psychological balance.
When the energy harmoniously circulates again in the meridians or energetic lines, we feel in good health, full of energy and vitality, and in harmony with our self and our entourage.
Simple and easy to learn
Movements seem simple and easy, and give at the same time the impression of a light and elegant dance. They help letting-go, relaxation and rejuvenation.
One of the specificity of Lou Yong Tao Tö Qi is its fast learning: the method immediately acts on the body and the mind.
A must discover!
Introduce yourself or deepen your practice with Alain Falduzzi master of Samadeva and expert of energetic techniques of Samadeva.
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Lou Yong Tao Tö Qi
26th-27th July 2018
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