18th-19th August 2018
Learn the principles for decorating your home or your office. Make the gift of flowers without being a florist, it is easy.
Ancestral floral art
The word Ikebana or Ka-dô (the way of flowers) comes from Japanese «ikeru», give life, and hana, fleur. Ikebana draws its inspiration in Indian and Buddhist rituals, devoted to divinities of XIIth century. This floral tradition progressively extends to China and Korea to arrive to Japan where it will develop under the form that we currently know. Ikebana will evolve throughout centuries, increasing its flowers' repertoire and multiplying its schools through the world.
With Katerina Yakovleva (Moscow)
Yoga of Samara Instructor, well-being coach. Pedagogue-psychologist. She studied the artistic composition's principle and design at the Academy of Photography. She becomes florist after graduating from two schools beside the best teachers in Moscow. She teaches floral art to beginners and professionals since 2003.
More beauty in your life
Discover or deepen this structuring method with experts of Samadeva. A workshop to take advantage of the force and the beauty of Ikebana floral art in an exceptional place, in the heart of Alsatian forest.
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18th-19th August 2018
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