24th-27th July 2018
Sacred dances and movements
From Gurdjieff to Idris Lahore
An inner transformation
Dances as per G.I Gurdjieff have for goal inner transformation and widening of consciousness. Numerous movements and specific musics enable to overcome physical mechanistic and thinking patterns to leave some space to the discovery of one's own nature. This workshop is accessible to beginners and advanced, everyone being able to enjoy the beauty, the force, and the calming and transforming effects of the technique.
These movements come from the teaching of schools of wisdom and centres of mysteries of Asia and the Middle-East. Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, philosopher, spiritual teacher and influent composer of the beginning of XXth century has collected, adapted and has started to teach these dances in Europe. These movements have then been taught throughout the world.
G.I. Gurdjieff has been able to adapt these sacred dances of the great spiritual traditions to the sensibility and the needs of modern society. Beyond their formal beauty, they are a powerful tool which restructure the body, calms the mind, and gives a new capacity of observation and self-awareness in everyday life.
Samadeva's touch
Samadeva completes Gurdjieff' movements by integrating Yoga of Samara elements together with his pedagogy of being, based on self-awareness and awareness of others in an harmonious interrelation. The Free University of Samadeva integrates these Gurdjieff dances in a wider teaching, aiming to bring physical well-being, personal development and spiritual realisation. This approach towards greater human qualities gives back to these Gurdjieff movements their original vocation.
A new quality of being
Discover or deepen this structuring method with experts of Samadeva. A workshop to take advantage of the force and the beauty of these movements
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Sacred dances and movements from Gurdjieff to Idris Lahore
24th-27th July 2018
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