28th July - 8th August 2018
Family constellations
as per Idris Lahore
à la carte days at the Free University of Samadeva
in the heart of Alsatian forest
Identifying hidden influences
From birth, human belongs to his family system. Later on he will join other systems: Educational, professionnal and social…

When principles which govern systems are not respected by one of its members, it leads to repercussions on another of its members: illnesses, money problems, relationship difficulties.

Constellations as per Idris Lahore reconcile the relationship between the members of the system. A reconciliation which has liberating effects, for example a recovery from an illness, improvement of relationships, or more joy of life and a return to serenity.
An ancestral method adapted to today's realities
This training is the fruit of the work of Idris Lahore. He adapted traditional expertise of family constellations by integrating to them the work of other facilators. In this way Idris Lahore makes this method of constellations more efficient and accessible, for both the mediator and the clients.
85€/per day organic lunch included
Thematic conferences, practical exercises, sharing in subgroup, organic cuisine:
all the ingredients to harmonise your systems.
Family and ancestrals Constellations
They reconcile the links in the system of your family and your ancestors.
Company Constellations
They enable to reach new solutions in companies: help in decision making, incentive and frame of mind stimulation, resolutions of conflictual situations…
Short constellations
A fast version of constellations which enables to model a problem for a better understanding and liberation.
One of the characteristic of constellations as per Idris Lahore is its respectful approach of the individual and of his familial and social culture.
The training is built around theme conferences, demonstrations of constellations and experimentations in subgroup.
The knowledge of systemic principles opens our vision on the world and raises our awareness of the necessity of a harmonious interrelation.
At the free University
of Samadeva
The Free University of Samadeva is the principal training centre where well-being, health, self-development, and spiritual realisation of the Samadeva methods are transmitted.

Its headquarter sits in the eco-hotel and organic cuisine restaurant l'Ermitage, in the heart of the Alsatian forest, in the village of the Hohwald. A unique place, conducive to rejuvenation and fulfillment.
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Family constellations
28th July - 8th August 2018
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