12th-15th July 2018
Psychology of the Enneagram
9 types of the Enneagram
Discovering one's enneatype
The Enneagram is a tool of self-knowledge and knowledge of others through nine types of personalities, which have been built around childhood experiences. Discovering our enneatype is the starting point for developing our qualities and overcoming our limitations.

At the end of this workshop you will have:

  • The basic knowledge of each eneatype's functioning
  • The possibility of discovering your type and to identify what prevents the realisation of your potentials.
  • A greater relationship quality and a better understanding of others and their functioning
The Enneagram is a very ancient symbol which goes back to Greek Antiquity. It was popularised at the beginning of XXth century by G.I. Gurdjieff, and has then been developed in its psychological aspects by O. Ichazo and C. Naranjo.
Today, this model enables everyone to understand one's forces, to identify where the realisation of one's potential is prevented, but also to better understand others.
With France de Bois Centi
Expert of the Enneagram, France de Bois Centi is transmitting methods of the Samadeva in the world and also as part of training in companies.
Author of books and videos translated in many languages, she specialised in the teaching of the Enneagram.
A practical tool
Discover or deepen this method of self knowledge and knowledge of others in a relaxed and humourous atmosphere. You will participate to conferences with sharing in subgroup in alternation, which characterises the pedagogy of assimilation of knowledge of the Samadeva.
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Psychology of the Enneagram
12th-15th July 2018
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